BarredOwlTreeTop5-27-14Media is changing before our very eyes. You can be a part of that change.

WaySouth Media, Inc. is a new media company in every possible way. Our social media consulting services are not a bunch of dull talking heads with a crappy PowerPoint presentation that only makes your people wonder why their valuable time is being wasted.

WaySouth Media consulting provides hands-on social media training, with as many social media tools provided as you may need or want. Our video production services range from big budget location shoots to a small video for you online presence. Our media relations outreach means you will have the earned media you are seeking.

We don’t just ‘do some media’ for you, write a few graphs of editorial, and ride off into the sunset with your money. Contracting with WaySouth Media is a relationship of discovery and potential. We teach you media independence. Because we all have that power now.

We will meet with you face-to-face or via Skype, whatever works best for you at your convenience. Then we follow-up with a customized proposal prepared exclusively for your company and your discussed needs, wants and wishes.

The WaySouth Media founder is Grayson Daughters, an old-school trained, traditional media professional continually morphing into a new media content developer, producer, and promoter. Daughters recently completed 1.8 years as the digital content editor for a daily, legal news site, where she managed online content and the vast amount of data provided by that content.

You will be pleased and happy to be working alongside a consummate pan-media adviser such as Grayson. Others think so too. Recent happy clients include American Institute of Architects Atlanta chapter, Visual Eye Media, Georgia Natural Gas, and the polling company InsiderAdvantage.

When your project needs it WSM brings only the best, extremely  experienced  media professionals into a project mix, people who have a solid track record of working well through the years with Grayson and WaySouth Media clients.

WaySouth Media – Be the media you want to see.


Be The Media You Wish To See