2014-06-30 12.07.36WaySouth Media Podcast 1: The SaveWRAS campaign. 03-16-2015.

“It’s the way this process happened that’s the scandal.”

Atlanta, Ga. On Saturday, March 14, 2015, Brian Bannon, who wrote the 4-part series titled “The Theft of WRAS“; Zachary Lancaster, a leader of the WRAS Album 88 Alumni Group; and longtime Atlanta writer and music critic, Doug DeLoach, gathered to talk about the  takeover of WRAS by GPB.

Also discussed throughout the podcast is the history  of and reason for the #SaveWRAS campaign, an appeal filed by GSU students to the Georgia Board of Regents on March 16, 2015, and where the SaveWRAS movement is headed and what people can do to get involved. Grayson Daughters of WaySouth Media moderated the podcast.

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