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Social Media Marketing As Lifeline – From the AJC

Grayson Daughters and the blog, Mostly Media, listed in Top Ten Most Influential Media Bloggers On Twitter. A data-driven listing.

Most Media blog included in Journalism Degrees and Programs’ 105 Vital Sources For Journalists.

“Over the years, Grayson Daughters has emerged as one of the authorities on new media in Georgia’s competitive communications and business environment. Her experience as an award-winning news producer, corporate communications expert, and media strategist, are unmatched. From initial project input to actual execution, her attention to detail, while still grasping the overall big picture is remarkable and valuable to any organization looking for innovation and results.”

Maurice Baker, Community Relations Manager, Georgia Natural Gas

“Grayson is a versatile media professional who is on top of her game. She has a firm grasp of emerging techology, and social media in crisis situations. Her knowledge of the Atlanta market, and experience dealing with diverse groups gives her the unique ability to tackle any challenge. I’ve enjoyed every oppportunity I’ve had to work with Grayson, and believe that you will too.” November 20, 2009

Amani Channel , Media Consultant – Trainer – Award Winning Producer , Visual Eye Media
worked directly with Grayson at WaySouth Media

“In the dynamic social media space, Grayson Daughters is the most professional, strategic and current source if you’re looking to grow your business using social media. Period. Grayson’s passion for the work goes back to “pre-social media” buzz, and she herself has an impressive following that proves she gets results. Oh and as an added bonus, she’s fun to work with! :)” November 20, 2009

Jen Gordon , Owner , Clever Twist, Inc.
was with another company when working with Grayson at WaySouth Media

“Grayson Daughters is an asset. She was early to the party in the ever-changing world of social media, knows her way around a television studio and can edit a video clip on deadline with a lot of chaos going on around her. She combines cutting-edge computer skills, media savvy and a keen sense of what’s coming down the road.” November 20, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Creative

Tom Baxter
hired Grayson as a IT Consultant in 2008 , and hired Grayson more than once

“Grayson is a great videographer (and blogger, new media whiz, etc.) with all the requisite skills that go along with that. More importantly, she is fearless, persistent, willing to try new things when it makes sense to, and cares about her work. Highly recommended for your videography and social media/PR needs.” December 28, 2008

Rusty Tanton , Co-founder , Georgia Podcast Network
was with another company when working with Grayson at WaySouth Media

“Grayson’s plain talk and keen understanding of both the media and politics have earned her a reputation all over Atlanta as someone who is constantly thinking about how to better connect audiences and policymakers. She embodies the journalist of the future who is politically savvy and skilled all the ways to tell a story through multiple media.” October 16, 2008

Walter Jones , Director , Morris News Service
was with another company when working with Grayson at WaySouth Media

“Grayson thinks off-the-leash. If you want a fresh perspective and some truly unique writing, go to Grayson. You’ll find her in the middle of the action.” September 18, 2008

Suzan Satterfield , President , Saltrun Productions, Inc.
was with another company when working with Grayson at WaySouth Media

“A keen and duly heartless observer of the political metaverse.” May 21, 2008

Al Matthews , Designer, Developer, Consultant , Fat Milk Productions
reported to Grayson at WaySouth Media

“Grayson knows here way around traditional electronic and new media. I’ve known here since she was doing network television, before coming to work for us at Home Depot. Finest work, easy to work with and kinda’ fun too.” May 3, 2008

Lonnie Fogel , Director, Public Relations and Investor Relations , The Home Depot
managed Grayson indirectly at WaySouth Media

“Grayson Daughters is a perfect mix of traditional training and groundbreaking, forward-thinking innovation. Her experiences of the past at ABC, and with other mainstream entities has given her inspiration and education which she uses to create the most incredible video presentations. Her production quality is matched only by her on-screen talent. Grayson “gets it,” a very important trait that is NOT common in most people I’ve run across with traditional media backgrounds. If you’re looking to do something groundbreaking and yet still quality, Grayson Daughters is the choice for you.” May 6, 2007

Chris Brogan , coFounder PodCamp , PodCamp.org
was with another company when working with Grayson at WaySouth Media, Inc.

“Grayson can do amazing work. Last year I need a few intro documents for my marketing. I knew what I wanted but could not focus the documents. I gave her a few nebulous points and she created a new flysheet for me that is used today.” April 11, 2004

Michael Maples
was Grayson’s client

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