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Welcome to WaySouth Media


BarredOwlTreeTop5-27-14Media is changing before our very eyes. Everything about it. From the way it is created to the way it is viewed and distributed. You can be a part of that change. If you are seeking media consulting services you know you need to start a change.

WaySouth Media, Inc. is a new media company in every possible way. Our social media consulting services are not dull, corporate talking heads with a snoozer of a PowerPoint presentation that only makes your people wonder why their valuable time is being wasted.

WaySouth Media consulting is hands-on social media training, with as many social media tools and services provided as you may need or want. Or perhaps you are looking for someone to manage your social media tools and online properties for you? We can do that.

We do digital media production, too. Our video production services range from big budget location shoots to a small video for your YouTube channel to launch your online presence.

And then there are old school media relations, where you can take advantage of WaySouth Media’s seasoned, long term relationships with numerous mainstream media outlets. Our media relations outreach means you will have the earned media you are seeking.

We don’t just “do some media” or write a few graphs of editorial and then ride off into the sunset with your money. Contracting with WaySouth Media is a relationship of discovery and potential. We teach you media independence. Because we all have that power.

For more information or a consultation please email Grayson Daughters at: gdaughters@waysouthmedia.com.

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WaySouth Media – Be the media you want to see.